We are doing everything possible to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable experience when you dine with us.


The governor has said that we may reopen our restaurant on May 21st. Although we are very excited about reopening our restaurant, the most important thing we want to do for our guests is to reassure them that when them come to our restaurant, they can dine in the safest environment possible under the current circumstances.  I would like to tell you what D’Angelo’s has been doing in the interim to prepare for this day. 


1.    We are fortunate enough to have a large dining area with many tables that will allow us to seat more tables at the required 6’ or more distance while dining.  We will seat the bar stools based on the size of the parties currently sitting in an area at the bar and at the tables in the lounge area, but rest assured, we will maintain adequate spacing at all times. 


2.    The guidelines do not for call for gloves in the dining room and for good reason. Gloves give a false sense of security because they need to be changed every time something is touched. We have instead installed hand sanitizers throughout the restaurant, and we have supplied our servers with 6 oz bottles of sanitizer that they will carry. We will also have the same bottles of sanitizer available for our guests at the table or bar if requested.  Our kitchen personnel is trained in food safety and the proper use of gloves in the kitchen of course. See the article at this link for the research on glove use. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/health/a32058081/does-wearing-gloves-prevent-coronavirus/


3.    Our servers will be wearing masks.  The consensus from authorities is that everyone should be wearing masks to cut down on the transmission of this virus, but we will not turn away anyone choosing to not wear a mask though we encourage everyone to wear one.


4.    We have taken advantage of a process from a company called MicroShield360. After a thorough deep cleaning of all surfaces in the restaurant (door handles, tables, chairs, computer screens, phones, bathrooms, bar, Etc.) Micro Shield has come into our restaurant and applied MS360 to all these surfaces.  This antimicrobial product bonds to the surfaces and is guaranteed to fight germs and protect from cross-contamination for a year. It does not use poisons, is non-toxic and FDA approved for direct food contact surfaces and it does not leach. For more information, please visit their website www.microshield360.com.    

5.    We have also installed in our duct work 2 Aerus air scrubbers. These scrubbers eliminate by greater than 99% at least 13 allergens and pathogens in the atmosphere that cause illness and allergic reactions in our guests. I have attached a picture below that shows the microbes tested. www.AirScrubberbyAerus.com 

We here at D’Angelos restaurant understand that it will take some time for everyone to feel comfortable dining out again. We have taken these steps to make our restaurant as safe as it can possibly be for you to visit. You can visit the  links shown to read more about www.microshield360.com and www.AirScrubberbyAerus.com to get further information on these products. Hopefully we will see you soon. Thanks and stay safe.